Our Story

Enjoy NC With Me

Here is the back story of how Enjoy NC With Me got started, and where we are going.

North Carolina has some of the most beautiful scenery in the country and we wanted to help you find it.

There’s the little things out there too that you’ll never find by plying the search engines, like the spaceship on our Outer Banks, or the sign at the end of the road that is tacked to a telephone pole and reads……”end of the road”, or the giant bearded man holding a car tire.

Through our travels, we have talked with thousands of people and they keep asking,  “have you seen….”, so we decided that we would create a one stop website that you can find some of the best roadside attractions, small town festivals, county fairs, best places to hear music of all kinds, (like the one in the back of a barbershop), best businesses, and more.

We poll these places and events monthly, looking for updates, and our crew also travels extensively to see first hand what is shakin’ in our great state.

We do not charge a penny for folks to list their businesses or events on this site. We are here to support The Community!

We do this as a community service for our friends and neighbors.

We strive to bring to you the most up to date information on family friendly events, and to tell ‘ya about some of the roadside attractions out there. We list businesses that we think that you would be interested in patronizing.

Our goal is to help you find the fun things to do, and to help the businesses and event promoters get the word out, all in ONE PLACE.

No more scrolling through endless websites trying to find something. It’s all right here!

Let us know how we are doing, and if there is anything else that you would like to see. We are here for ‘ya, and we are listening!

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From The Mountains To The Sea, Enjoy NC With Me

“We Connect People”