General FAQ

Is This Website State Funded?


This website is not State funded nor affiliated with the governing body of State of North Carolina.

We sail our own ship curtesy of generous donations from our followers and sponsorships. That way we do not have-to-be bias in anyway.

Is This Website Affiliated With The Governing Body of The State of North Carolina?


This website is not State funded nor affiliated with the governing body of State of North Carolina.

We sail our own ship curtesy of generous donations from our followers and sponsorships. That way we do not have-to-be bias in anyway.

Does This Website Offer Legal, Spirtual, Medical or Any Other Advice of Any Kind?


We are not qualified/certified to give any advice!

This is strictly a entertainment website, mostly for OUR entertainment!

If you have any doubt of our “unqualifiable expertise’s”, please refer back to Ricky’s photo for his “Dear Diary”……….. 🙂

What Is The Telephone Number?

We do not list a telephone number. You can contact us by email.

Contact Us Here

Why Do You Maintain This Website?

Short answer, Mr. Joe.

Mr. Joe was not only my right hand man, he was a friend too.

Mr. Joe’s health had severely deteriorated and he could no longer travel. He use-to tell me how much he missed seeing things.

Mr. Joe died suddenly not long after our conversation.

I started this site for all the Mr. Joe’s out there.

You do not need to go far to have a great time.

(The attached photo is of me, ((Ricky)), riding Mr. Joe and friends around the track at a Relay-For-Lfe event that I was helping out at).

Why So Much White Space On The Pages?

We follow what science tells us and studies have proven that more whitespace on a page makes the page easier to read.

We are all about making your life easier!

Why Do You Not Have Fancy Flashy Images?

Studies have shown that over 40% of our visitors are coming to us on mobile devices.

We fore go the flashy stuff to help you save on your data usage.

What Is Your General Contact Email Address?

Our general email address is here. (Due to spammers, we must use forms)

What Do You Plan To Accomplish With This Website?

To bring back the ability of our communities to talk to each other in a meaningful, respectful  way.

we have lost that ability with the demise of the hometown newspapers.

Where Is The Office of Enjoy NC With Located?

We are 100% distributed. Even some of our staff is located in other countries!

Gotta love the digital age, but we have-to be mindful of the clocks! We don’t like waking each other up in the wee hours of the night.

Why Do You Not Have Social Media Accounts Anymore?

We did have Social Media accounts up until June 2018, but because of the practices of those companies, we chose to step away from their platforms. Hopefully in the future, someone will come along with a better way of implementing Social Media.

Who Is Ricky?


Ricky started the Website, Enjoy NC With Me.

Ricky’s background includes Law Enforcement, Rescue, Business owner, Information Technology, Volunteer and Entertainment Manager.

Today, Ricky spends all of his time and energy helping connect NC communities with people through this online portal.

He prefers to work behind the scene. (Well, actually, he prefers to fish, but work tends to get in the way a lot now days). It takes a lot of effort to keep all the balls in the air.

Back when he start the Website, as with most startups, things were simple and there was plenty of “free time”.

Things sure have changed!

These days Ricky must focus on driving his vision forward, while being supported by a wide array of contract staff and volunteers like yourself.

The Community FAQ

What Is The Community?

The Community is Crowdsourced self-service knowledge hub covering anything pertaining to North Carolina Businesses, Festivals or Events.

You now have a way to be heard again!

If you have a clean public event coming up, post it in The Community.

You do not need a account to search for a Listing.

This is YOUR HOME  to communicate freely with each other. We ask you to keep it clean and respectful.

If you choose not to keep your Listing clean and respectful, then we will wake up the  big mean Gorilla sleeping on our couch, and have him throw you out on your noggin’ from our platform. He is very good at that.

Why Did You Start The Community?

That one is easy to answer!

We started the Community because it was getting just too dang hard to keep up with stuff that you really wanted to know by using Social Media.

With Social Media, they control what is seen by your followers and it’s only in front of them a very very short time.

In our Community, you control what is seen, and it stays in front of your followers so your followers can be better informed.

Do You Collect My Data?


We don’t want your data. What we DO collect is your name, user name, email address, password, profile image and of course, your post, if you should choose  to create one. Why? Because the software needs those basic parts to make you unique on the site. Now if you click a link to some other site outside of our domain, obviously we can’t control what they do.

Do You Sell User Information?


We don’t play that game. We are not in the business of ripping folks off. That is not us.

Your public post are indexed by the major search engines and we have zero control over that. They do that Internet wide. Notice I said public post, not user name, password, etc.

Where Is The Information Stored That You DO Collect??

We rent server space from Go Daddy for our software and data. For security reasons, they won’t even tell us where the servers are, (and we like not knowing).

Is The Community Automated?

The Community is atomated on the backend, not the frontend.


* Backend – We automate as much as we can on the servers, (computers that we use), to streamline the processes. It takes a LOT OF EFFORT to run one of these sites.

* Frontend – The parts that you, the end user uses. Very little is automated there. We purposely do this to help ward-off as much automated spam as we can. Spam taste bad!

Do I Need A User Name and Password?

A user name and password is not needed to Search or read on The Community. To write post or to respond to a post, you must create a one time user name and password. Do not lose your user name and password.

Why Can’t I Use A Social Media User Aocount To Log On?

Excellent question and thanks for asking!

Studies have shown that linking Soical Media log on accounts can lead to more hacked accounts. If a hacker gains access to one Social Media platform, and you have linked your sign on to others, then they could have access to all of your linked accounts. Therefore, we “sandbox” our platform, in an attempt to prevent linked account hacking.

Ok, I Want To Be Part of The Community. How Do I Create A User Account?

Easy! Click register, fill in the few required fields and submit. Be sure to check your email for a verification that you will need to click on. The email verification is a security feature for your benefit.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is website development software that approximately 30% of websites are run on, including our site, and quite a few of the super titans out there. We run our site with open source that is hosted at Go Daddy. There is a huge difference between and We support open source software.

There Is Not A Category For Something That I Am Interested About?

No problem! Use our Contact Form to let us know what the Category is and if there is enough interst, we will create it for you.

If I Have A Concern, How Do I Contact You?

The Community has moderators. Please reach out to one of them first. Remember, we are not sitting at our desk waiting for someone to raise their hand, so a response maybe delayed a little. As the site grows, we will implement Artificial Intelligence, (AI), to expedite things quicker. If all else fails, (we are human ?), use our contact form.

Can I Use Emojis?

Inserting an Emoji from your keyboard will confuse the database and it will, over time, change it to a question mark.