About Us

We are the bridge that helps Information flow freely.

We work in the background to help connect North Carolina businesses with the general public.

We help spread the word about all the fantastic family friendly events that are happening in our great State and by doing so, we put more feet in the streets for the events and more smiles on their guest.

Our background includes event planning, scheduling, advertising, emergency services, (including Medical, Security, Emergency Response Plans and Law Enforcement), IT and communications.

We work remotely and will never divulge our clients personal information.

We do this for one reason, it is our passion to help the people of our great State to connect with each other in a positive, fun and enjoyable way.

We proudly and effectively help spread the word about family friendly events, who is selling the best hotdog at the local festival and our great state’s history, emergency personnel, weather and more.

If you are looking Information that pertains to North Carolina, it can be found here!

If you are a vendor or event planner and think that we can help you, feel free to shoot us an email by using the Contact Form below.

You are our friends, family and neighbors and we intend to keep it that way. HAVE FUN and go out an Enjoy NC With Me!

The Staff @ Enjoy NC With Me