Dear Diary. Here’s My Thought For Today. The Bottom Of…..

The bottom of the ladder of living better is crowded!


That’s where the folks hangout who keep saying “I’ll start climbing some day……..when I feel like it”.

Dear Diary. Here’s My Thought For Today. I Heard Something Today…….

Friends, I overheard something today that, I am here to tell you right this minute, showed that the talker has no respect for themselves or others. They were just a jabbering on about how sorry their new boss is. FOLKS, if ya don’t like something, G-E-T OUT.

This person did not gain a THING by belittling their boss.

Folks. Have more respect than that for yourself and others. Don’t go around spreading dirt.

Dear Diary. Here’s My Thought For Today. Don’t Do What The Other

Don’t do what the other 97% of the people are doing, because they are being lazy.


Do what the other 3% are doing to became successful.

Dear Diary. Here’s My Thought For Today. Weeds……

Weeds don’t need encouragement to grow. Think positive.

Dear Diary. Here’s My Thought For Today. Just Talking…..

Just talking. It’s a rare thing these days. If folks ain’t running here and there, they are mad about something, or looking down on someone.

A honet conversation is hard to come-by these days.

Today I needed to take a few minutes break from being hunched over a computer for too long. Started talking with a co-worker. They had no axe to grind, no hate to spread, just…… We talked about those in our lives who had passed away. We talked a lot of small talk. We…..just talked!

When I went back to my computer work, I honestly felt warm in my heart. I had ran into a rare breed. Someone, like me, who don’t find fault with the World.

The World needs more people like us. At peace with it all.