Dear Diary. Here’s My Thought For Today. Reminiscing…..

I have had a lot on my mind today. Mostly reminiscing. I sure have lead a good life overall. Miss my family, and some of the people that I have gotten to know along the way. I seriously think that it would be nice AND helpful for the generations ahead of us, if we could somehow record what we have experienced, seen and learned, so that maybe it will not only preserve the past, but help those in the future……

Dear Diary. Here’s My Thought For Today. Never Come To……

Never come to a conclusion, without first having all of the facts. Anything else is just useless speculation.

Dear Diary. Here’s My Thought For Today. It Was An Honor…..

I had the great honor and privilege to attend one of my neighbors 80th birthday today. The party was lively, and there was good cake an ice cream too. My ‘date’? One of my neighbors down the street. 84 years old and a pistol. Thank you Marg for allowing me to sit with you, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Papa Smurf! We love ya.

Dear Diary. Here’s My Thought For Today. It’s All About The Smiles…….

I am totally worn out!

Today I ‘dressed up’ to hand out candy to the trick or treaters, then, I quickly changed my outfit to a ‘different dress up’, so that I could attend the Monster Bash and cake walk. I wasn’t there long before I had to change my outfit again, and head to my assigned duty at the haunted trail. There I operated the attacking alligator that appears to come running up out of the water. I am paying the price for my misbehaving, but it was all worth it to see so many people smile. My purpose for being on this Earth today was fulfilled!



Dear Diary. Here’s My Thought For Today. It Was Good…..

I had a chance tonight to get together with my adoptive family, and friends, for a good old down home cooked meal. MAN was the food good. We laughed, we told jokes and we ribbed each other often. THIS my friends is what love is all about!