Dear Diary, Here’s My Thought For Today. They Were Busy Squeezin’ Their Butt Cheeks Together…………..

They Were Busy Squeezin’ Their Butt Cheeks Together…………..

During many of my conversations today with folks, it was brought up about “them others” not standing up and clapping during our President’s State of The Union Address last night. Well HECK, even I can ‘plain that!! See, here’s the REAL REASON why they wouldn’t stand up an clap, they were busy squeezin” their butt cheeks together. See, SOME of the crowd was getting hungry before this speech even started, cause it WAS getting late, so they lined up a Jose’s Taco truck outside and washed down two or three tacos with some “crafted” beer, then strolled inside and took their assigned seats. Very quickly, the tacos and beer were not welcomed by their innards, but by then, the President had already started talking and WE ALL KNOW that it is a sign of rudeness to get up and run out of the place while someone is talking, so they had to resort to butt squeezin’……and praying, that nothing slipped out! If you will notice in the videos, as soon as the President finished talking, those folks did a VERY QUICK butt cheek squeezed walk toward the exits. I am sure that every bathroom stall AND trash can were used after that!!

Laugh folks! I KNOW that YOU have been there too. ????

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Dear Diary, Here’s My Thought For Today. Working Together As A Group…….

People acting together as a group can accomplish things which no individual acting alone could ever hope to bring about.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Dear Diary, Here’s My Thought For Today. There Is A New Sheriff In Town and He Is A Changing Things Up…….A LOT!

There Is A New Sheriff In Town and He Is A Changing Things Up…….A LOT!

I think that this is important for us ALL to know, so I am taking the time tonight to attempt to bring everyone up to speed because it affects us all. FaceBook is making some MAJOR changes and I for one, don’t mind, but at the same time, it is going to drastically alter the way we communicate with each other. First, let me explain that this is not MY opinion or view on the changes, it is straight from FaceBook and I have spent several hours recently in consultation as to how the business community is planning to deal with it and even though my discussions with others were based on the view of the business community, the changes will effect you too. So, here goes a very abbreviated version of the changes that have already started rolling out. Mark Z., the owner of FaceBook, announced to his investors a few days ago, that they are changing the FaceBook software to where if a post does not get comment engagement, it will be deleted quickly. Now he said a lot more than that, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s keep it there. He went on to say that “likes” will no longer count as engagement and that unpaid business advertisements will not be shown. He ALSO said that these “feel good” images, (ie, cute kitties, click like for God, etc) will be weeded out. They will be classified as spam and not shown in the news feed. Videos, which they were promoting up until now, will get a backseat too, EXCEPT, live videos, because the new FaceBook algorithms will consider any comments made during the live video as one on one engagement. Ow if you are not following along with me, that’s understandable, but let me point out two key words that he used over and over and over again, comment engagement. Yes, he doesn’t want you to just “like” a post anymore, for the post to stay active, it must continuously receive COMMENTS. He explains that he wants people to talk to each other rather than just click on a Emoji. He goes on to say, that he wants business to start using bots in the Messenger App to relay information to people, which means, for those that use Messenger and any business that you deal with decides to do this, your Messenger App is about to get much more spamy. NOW, what does all this mean to the general public? Well for one, your FaceBook news feed will most definitely get cleaned up quite a bit, but it also means that if you don’t “talk” to someone on FaceBook, then you are going to see even LESS than you do now of what your friends are saying and you will probably be deleting your Messenger App after a few spam bots ding it. What does it mean for the business community? What does It mean for those of us that use FaceBook to get the word out? Pay up or get out. It is as simple as that. If you will notice, there are several business trying different “techniques” in the last few days to circumvent the new algorithms. Things such as taking polls (that would be engagement), asking you to comment your feelings on a subject (that would be engagement) and more. FaceBook has already thrown the hammer down on that and said, NO, it will not work. So, WHAT ARE business like myself going to do?? The answer is all over the place at this time. One of the biggest news agencies in the world just pulled the plug on their FaceBook account. They said we don’t NEED FaceBook, (which IS true). Most others, including me, are going back to the basics, which is, focus on your website. SO, that part said, I will keep cross posting on FaceBook as long as they let me, but I will also be putting more emphasis on my website. Here’s where things REALLY get tricky for all businesses, it cost money to run a website and the more photos that you post/host, the more it cost AND the more traffic that you have, the more it cost, so there is a balancing act there. There are also logistics. HOW do you capture enough information from the internet to make your site relevant? It is not easy. It takes a team working together to do it. I know for sure that I am going to hook up with some of the most popular bloggers/posters in NC and we are going to share and I am CONSIDERING starting a forum on my site so that the information about events in NC can get post there and folks can still have a RELIABLE source to go to, but that cost money too and I will need more sponsors, so, I am testing the waters to see if there is a desire out there for such a place and a way to financially support it. Bottom line is, FaceBook is about to make major changes and the general business community thinks that these changes will be in the wrong direction. We all agree that the junk needs to come off of FaceBook, but to clamp down that post must receive “comments” to stay up doesn’t seem that it will likely work. Think of how many post that you see, smile at or could use the information from, but don’t engage in a conversation with the poster. Time will tell and as always, things change. SO, I hope that I have enlightened you as to what is coming and as always, I am open to rational, educated discussions and fact based ideas.

Thank You For Listening and Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programing. ????? ?

Dear Diary, Here’s My Thought For Today. How Many Times…..

How many times should a baby try to walk before they give up? (It’s a thought provoking question y’all).

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Dear Diary, Here’s My Thought For Today. The Ability……

The ability to succeed lies within us all, yet the desire to do so does not.

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