Dear Diary, Here’s My Thought For Today. Life. It Is All About…….

Life. It is all about laughing and enjoying our time on Earth together. This past weekend, I was honored to be allowed to help out at a kids haunted trail, I was the Alligator Man. My job was to help the alligator “jump” out of the local creek just as the kids came walking by. I had as much fun as them! Then the next night was our Annual Monster Bash/Adult Halloween Custome get together. This year I “dressed” up and didn’t tell a soul that I was doing so. Needless to say, we had a ball! Yep, life, it’s all about living it to it’s fullest while ya can! ?
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Dear Diary, Here’s My Thought For Today. Just Close Your Eyes For a Moment and Listen With Me………

This morning as the sun was coming up, I closed my eyes and “saw” what I was hearing. I heard one of my neighbors come outta his house and head off to his job. I thought, yep, another twelve hour work day for ya my friend. In the distance I heard the clear sound of a train whistle. I wondered which ways was it going and what was she a haulin? I heard crows talking as they flew overhead, yep, it’s THAT time of the year again, they get rather vocal. I heard a boat leaving the dock down the creek. Wonder where they are heading and what do they hope to catch today? I could hear the vinyl siding on my house moving just a little near where I sat. Yep, still gotta slight West wind. I heard the crunch of the gravel as someone walked by on my street. Early walker indeed, must be someone from the pull through area, then I opened my eyes and stopped “seeing” what I wasn’t seeing. When we stoop and listen, R-E-A-L-L-Y listen, we see and learn more. ???
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Dear Diary, Here’s My Thought For Today. Building Bridges………..

It Is a Small Small World.
This weekend I helped out at a kids haunted trail. While we were waiting to start, a couple that I knew, but didn’t “know well”, walked up and we started talking. Somehow in the conversation it came up about where the husband grew up. WELL I BE DANG!! He grew up not too far from where I grew up! Then the ball R-E-A-L-L-Y got rollin’ ?. We quickly lead into milking cows, plowing with a mule, cruising the main drag in Benson, circling the Green Hornet Grill in Pine Level, (and OF COURSE, Miss Annie and Mr. Buck, who ran the place) and then we reminisced about circling Brown’s Grill in Selma, which lead into buying Percy Flowers moonshine and ALL the places that it could be purchased at, in a “dry” county ??. Then, when we stop to take a breather from talking none stop, the wife chimes in, “have you ever heard of ______________”? Well YEEEEEEAAAAAA, I used-to sell there every Friday for years and eat at the restaurant! She answers, that was my granddad’s and now it belongs to us grandchildren. HOLLY SMOKES!! Then she and I start running with THAT ball! Man did the three of us re-live some GREAT memories!! There was a bond made during that conversation that will last a long long time! Gotta love talking WITH people, rather than screaming AT them!! ❤️????????
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Dear Diary, Here’s My Thought For Today. Never Tie Yer Horse To…..

Never tie yer horse to a loose hitch ‘n post.  ??
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Dear Diary, Here’s My Thought For Today. Well, She WAS CHOKIN’!

I was in a restaurant eating today, when a lady sitting near me got chocked on some food. Well, me being me, always willing to jump in during an emergency and help, I ran over to her an performed the hinny lick maneuver. Cleared her right up!! ???????????
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