Dear Diary. Here’s My Thought For Today. The Last Time…..

Sooooooo many people forget, there WILL BE a last time. Make good use of THIS TIME, before the last time arrives.

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Dear Diary, Here’s My Thought For Today. Smartphones…..

Y’all ever thought about how smart a smart phone really is?? Type a paragraph on one, then read it. Those thangs can make you look as dumb as a door knob with miss spelled words! ?????

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Dear Diary, Here’s My Thought For Today. We Make……

We make time for those things that are important to us. We make excuses for those that are not. 
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Dear Diary, Here’s My Thought For Today. Monuments…..

Well, it’s one of them days that I don’t mind diving head first into the useless heated arguement of “monument movement”. I have said since I was a little kid and saw my first “monument” on the courthouse lawn in Smithfield NC, that I thought it was wrong to allow it. Hear me out folks. As it stands, (pun intended), if our government allows one monument on public property, then they must allow them all, which means ALLL. This would include all religions, all war monuments no matter WHICH war, all left/right/middle “monuments” and more. This is a serious misuse of public property. If you or I want a monument, then create a space for it and erect the thing! The one on US 301 in Wilson in front of the fairgrounds is a nice, neat self owned monument. If you go downtown, (uptown if you are snooty), to the courthouse, the small lawn there is cluttered with “monuments”. It looks tacky. It’s ok to recognize who and what ‘cha want, but in my opinion, do it on property that you or your origination owes, not public land. ?
Anyway, that’s the way I see it.

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Dear Diary, Here’s My Thought For Today. No One Is…..

No one is going to stand up at your funeral and say “they had a really nice car and shoes”. Don’t make life about “stuff”.  
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