Dear Diary. Here’s My Thought For Today. If Ya Ain’t……

If you ain’t, well then, YOU AIN’T. No matter what you tell folks, ya still ain’t! ?
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Dear Diary. Here’s My Thought For Today. Not Managing….

Not managing the herd means that you could lose the farm……..

In others words, ya gotta cut the negative out or it will destroy ya. ?
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Dear Diary. Here’s My Thought For The Day. The Band That Doesn’t…..

The band that doesn’t share the sheet music will never work well together. 
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Dear Diary. Here’s My Thought of The Day. Don’t Pee On My Basketball Court……

Folks, here’s the scoop, the hook shot, the double dribble, the running the clock out skinny on the way we think and the way we are played. HB2, “the NC bathroom law”. No matter what you opinion of it is (and EVERYONE has the right to have one on it), for just a minute, I want you to think, REALLY think hard about how you are being played. Agree or not with “that law”, we slung mud at each other like crazy when it first was passed. The big media folks made sure there was always plenty of mud available to go around. Some of the big businesses even got in on the act, INCLUDING our beloved NCAA committee folks. Ooooooh they played a big card, “we are pulling our games from NC because everyone can’t pee in the same bathroom”. Because of that move, the mudhole got deeper. Man was the mud flying UNTIL it was game time, then things changed. The “ballgame loving folks” have filled the bleachers or either parked their bottoms in front of the tv to watch the games. Ummmmmm, what happened to all that principle that so many where standing by just a short time ago? Are the women and children sacrificial for a ballgame? Have we lost our morale standards or are we just that use-to being played? For the record, I am neither for or against politics, ballgames, nor do I care where you pee, my point is, what happened? ?
Anyway, that’s the way I see it.
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Dear Diary. Here’s My Thought of The Day. Words Without….

Words without action are useless. 
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