Dear Diary. Here’s My Thought For Today. Demoting Clothes Ain’t Easy For Me….

It is turning out to be a difficult night for me. A couple of my “ok to get greasy” shirts and pants have turned into “I might better not wear them in public again” pieces, which means that I have-to demote two shirts and two britches from the ranks of “these will still pass to go to Walmart in”. Y’all got any idea how HARD IT IS for me to demote my clothes??!!!! WHEW! I have spent about an hour in my closet going “well, maybe. Naw, put it back. What about THIS ONE. Oh no you don’t, you’ve had that one for almost twenty years!”. ??????????


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Dear Diary. Here’s My Thought For Today. A Bitter Sweet Day…..

A Bitter Sweet Day…..
Well, today was a bitter sweet day for me. Let me explain. When my kids were little rug rats, I watched the Daytona 500 every year as my “allowance” from them for having to watch Barney multiple times a day ?. When they got older and involved in 4H, I got involved with them too with helping them and TONS of other kids with their livestock projects. Man did we ever get into it knee deep (pun intended ?). We showed pigs, heifers, chickens, turkeys and lambs. When I wasn’t helping my two kids, I was helping someone else’s kids. See, this time of the year is THE crunch time for pigs. The kids and pigs are on a strick training course, pigs need to be weighed this weekend, project books up dated, feed calculated, letters hand written by the kids to AT LEAST ten potential buyers for each kid for the March Show and Sale and put in the mail now an more. There was a lot to do and no time anymore for watching the race. Fast forward a few years. My kids are grow and out on their own. My health has declined to the point that I can no longer safely handle critters and so I now have time to watch the big race. Today we got together with some friends, talked, ate and watched the Daytona 500 (AND I got to hold a critter ?). It was bitter sweet indeed. I would be lying if I didn’t say that my kids and those that I helped in the past didn’t cross my mind as we watched the race. Just a short few years ago I would have been knee deep today in poop and after dark, I would have been elbow deep in letters to buyers making sure each kid had done their job writing to them. Now days I help hundreds of thousands of kids and their families thru my business. The only recourse, if you will, that I can find in all this is, time moves on and either you move with it or get run over by it. Miss ALL my little kids and I enjoyed the companionship of friends today AND a good race. Thank you ALL for the great memories. ??
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Dear Diary. Here’s My Thought For Today. Unbelievable Weather! 

It has been unbelievable weather for February in our great state!! Sure hope everyone got out today and enjoyed it!

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Dear Diary. Here’s My Thought For Today. Thanks To Freddie Fender And …….

Thanks to Freddy Fender and Julio Iglesias my Spanish is getting much better! I do have an issue though. I can’t say a word in Spanish without singing it. ??????????
Y’all please get out this weekend and Enjoy NC With Me !  Ricky   ?
PS: I have been told by a reliable source, that I will enjoy working in the yard part of this weekend ???. 

Dear Diary. Here’s My Thought For Today. Work For…..

Work for yourself not your payments. 
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